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Are you looking for Car Battery Replacement Service in Corby for your vehicle?

Want to replace the faulty batteries of your car with top-grade products?

Reach Lamby Automotive Performance Ltd. for a viable solution. Located at Mill Garage, 26-28 Main Street, Caldecott, Rutland, LE16 8RS, we are a reliable garage for professional car services at cost-efficient rates. We stock high-quality car batteries Corby to enhance your car’s engine performance and driving efficiency.

Batteries are one of the crucial components in your vehicle that generate power for the electrical components and help start the engine. Therefore, any discrepancies in this component can affect your overall driving experience. It is imperative to opt for a battery replacement every 4 – 5 years, but if you notice any warning signs before that, do not delay in booking us for an inspection.

Warning Signs Of Battery Failure

Here are some of the symptoms that indicate your car batteries need an immediate replacement:

Unpleasant Smell

A dying battery causes sulphur accumulation around the battery terminal, releasing a pungent odour. So, if you smell such odour, opt for car battery replacement Corby immediately.

Bloated Battery Case

Faulty batteries get overheated which may cause batteries to swell up. Thus, a bloated battery case is one of the primary symptoms of battery failure.

Clanking Noise While Starting Engine

Exhausted car batteries may lead to a strange clicking sound when you turn on the car engine. If you hear such a noise, visit us immediately for a battery inspection.

Engine Check Light Blinking

Along with the above-mentioned symptoms, if you notice the engine check light blinking on your car’s dashboard, do not delay in opting for a battery check.

Reasons Behind Faulty Battery

The following factors lead to battery damage if not taken care of on time:

  • Damaged battery terminals
  • Frequent short trips
  • Vehicle sitting idle for a considerable time
  • Fault in the wirings or loose circuit
  • Frequent exposure to unfavourable climate
  • Frequent electrical drains, and more.

Car Battery Fitting Corby

When you book us for car battery replacement, we inspect the following components first:

  • Alternators
  • Terminals
  • Cables
  • Wires
  • Charging Plates
  • Battery Fluid Level, etc.

Upon detecting the underlying issues, we will replace the battery with industry-best products. We stock OE-grade spares for best-in-class results.

Looking for cheap car batteries Corby? We got you covered!

We stock the best car batteries Corby at affordable prices to cater to a diverse clientele. Visit us from Tuesday to Saturday for battery services. You can also book your slot online to avoid standing in queues for long hours.

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