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Book Cheap MOT Corby with Lamby Automotive Performance

Are you looking for MOT Corby?

Then you are on the right page! Lamby Automotive Performance Ltd. is one of the DVSA-authorised MOT test centre for MOT Corby with years of experience in conducting MOT checks for Class 4 vehicles. We are based at Mill Garage, 26-28 Main Street, Caldecott, Rutland, LE16 8RS.

You can visit us on the following days for MOT booking and checks:

Tuesday to Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 1 pm

We are closed on Sundays and Mondays!

Why Is MOT Essential?

As per the standard norms, every vehicle in the UK must undergo an annual MOT inspection to ply the roads legally. This annual inspection assesses your vehicle’s performance level and emission standards to determine whether it is roadworthy or not.

After a successful MOT assessment, your vehicle will receive a VT20 certificate which is valid for 1 year. Driving a vehicle without this certificate may impose hefty penalties on the vehicle owner. At Lamby Automotive Performance Ltd., we follow the DVSA guidelines while performing MOT checks of the following vehicles:

  • 9 to 12-seater Private Vehicles
  • Motorcaravans
  • Maximum 8-seat Passenger Cars
  • 3-wheeled Vehicles with more than 450 kg unladen weight
  • Dual-purpose Vehicles
  • Ambulances & Taxis, etc.

How Do We Perform MOT Corby

As per the standard guidelines, we begin with checking your vehicle’s MOT history and then inspect the following components closely:


Most vehicles fail their MOT assessment due to damaged car tyres. So, our experts check certain parameters like the tread depth (minimum 1.6 mm), tyre conditions, etc. We also inspect if there is any visible damage on the carcass, if your vehicle is installed with the right variants or not, etc.

Windscreen & Wiper Blades

Another reason for MOT failure is a broken or cracked windscreen, missing or damaged wiper blades, etc. As a professional MOT & service centre Corby, we check for all these parameters before issuing an MOT certificate to you.

Suspension & Steering

The suspension system of your vehicle plays a crucial role in offering a smooth driving experience. Any issues in the suspension components can affect this experience, resulting in MOT failure. Therefore, we inspect the suspension components like shock absorbers, springs, struts, etc. to assess your vehicle's roadworthiness. We also inspect the steering components to check if the steering is loose or excessively tight.


One of the primary requirements of a successful MOT is to maintain the emission level of your car as per the standard limits. Thus, we inspect the conditions of exhaust components like catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, etc.

Apart from these, we also inspect the following components:

  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Seat Belt
  • Number Plate
  • Doors & Windows, etc.

After completing the inspection, we categorise the issues in your vehicle as the following:

  • Advisory
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Dangerous

If your car is detected with minor or zero issues, or even if it is in the advisory stage, we will issue a VT20 (pass) certificate. However, for major and dangerous issues, you will receive a VT30 (fail) certificate.

Have more queries regarding our MOT test Corby? Feel free to ask us at 01536907000.

You can also conclude your “MOT Corby searches” by booking our service online from the comfort of your home. Just enter your vehicle registration number under “Book MOT" and click on "Search" to continue.

For more information, write to us at info@l-a-p.co.uk.